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Governor Simba Arati’s Chinese wife, ‘Kwamboka,’ charms locals with fluent Kisii address

In a heartwarming moment during a recent thanksgiving ceremony in Kisii County, the Chinese wife of Kisii Governor Simba Arati, fondly referred to as ‘Kwamboka,’ impressed attendees with her fluency in the local language.

The event provided a platform for Kwamboka Arati to address the community in their mother tongue, showcasing her growing connection with the people.

Addressing the gathering, Kwamboka introduced herself warmly, saying:

“Our people of Bobasi, how are you?”

She proceeded to identify herself as Kwamboka Arati, the wife of Governor Arati.

Expressing gratitude for the warm reception, she asked, “Are you happy to see us here this day? We are here at home to meet with you and be with you. Thanks, and God bless you,” she concluded.

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The video of her addressing the audience in Kisii quickly circulated on social media, earning admiration for her efforts to embrace and connect with the local culture.

A section of Kenyans have since applauded the Chinese woman for adapting to her husband’s culture and even speaking fluent Ekegusii (Kisii) language.

Governor Simba Arati and Kwamboka have been together for years, and she has consistently shown support for her husband’s political endeavors.

She actively campaigned alongside him, particularly during his bid for the Kisii County gubernatorial seat.

In September, Governor Arati addressed concerns about his wife’s presence in his office, stating that she was not involved in the governance of the devolved unit.

Instead, he emphasized that Kwamboka played a supportive role as his better half and occasionally brought him lunch.

“Those asking why she brings me food to the office, what is your concern, are you planning to do something fishy to me?” Arati questioned during an interview, dismissing criticism of his wife’s involvement in county affairs.

He introduced his wife to the public in 2018, and they are said to have two children together.

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