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Mysterious death: Irish Catholic priest found dead inside his Nairobi house

By Nyaboga Kiage November 27th, 2023 1 min read

Police in Nairobi have launched investigations into the death of a Catholic priest who was found dead inside his house in Gigiri on Sunday.

The deceased, who is an Irish native, was found dead by a caregiver who went to wake him up.

It was after the priest remained unresponsive, that the caregiver informed called the police. Officers who visited the house found the priest dead.

“The caregiver reported that the priest has been battling high blood pressure and other health complications,” the police said in a report.

Police further said the deceased did not have any visible injuries at the time he was found inside his house.

Meanwhile, police in Kericho have launched a manhunt for a robbery suspect who stabbed and killed a man as he escaped from a lynch mob on Sunday evening.

The suspect had been caught on suspicion of breaking into a house. He was pursued and caught by a crowd which subjected him to serious beating.

But then in self defence, he turned violent, pulled out a knife and stabbed one of his captors before breaking loose and fleeing the scene.

The victim was rushed to Kericho Referral Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The deceased was later identified by the police as Gabriel Tanui, while the suspect, who is remains at large, is yet to be identified.

Cases of burglaries have been common during and around the festive season.