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Nadia Mukami on why men have a duty to spoil their women

Nadia Mukami is letting something out of her chest. The songbird needs men to understand that spoiling a woman doesn’t necessarily mean footing her bills.

Sharing her views on the ‘Miss Independent’ debate, Nadia argues that by a woman being financially stable hence ‘independent’ doesn’t mean that a man shouldn’t spoil her.

“Even if I am financially stable as a woman, a man spoiling me shouldn’t be an issue. Naturally, men were created to fend for their families and women to be pampered. Spoiling a woman doesn’t mean you pay my bills, that’s where people get it wrong,” Nadia said.

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“If she is your girlfriend or wife, spoiling means taking her out to some nice restaurant she might have not been to for a meal, buying her flowers, buying her a shoe, a handbag she likes or gifts she likes. That is what spoiling a woman is all about. It is not necessarily about paying bills,” she explained.

In the same breath the singer is also urging women to cultivate a saving and always having their priorities right.

“It’s good to list your priorities and save for those, but its also good to have what in business we call emergency funds. Always save and set aside some funds for something you can never foresee, just in case something happens, you have a place to start. Life happens, I mean, who foresaw the Covid-19 and its impact?” she said.

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On her social media platforms the finance graduate has been running an online saving chama with her female followers where one is required to save at least Sh50 every week.

“The funds don’t come to me. You save on your own and then send us the M-Pesa transaction message of the savings. If you don’t save in three conservative weeks, we kick you out of our WhatsApp group,” she said.

The group currently has more than 500 members.

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