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Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna asks Ruto to reduce price of Unga

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has asked the government to reduce the cost of living.

Speaking during the launch of the Public Free WI-FI at City market in Nairobi, Sifuna said most Kenyans are not able to afford three square meals a day owing to the high cost of food.

“I’m suffering because the price of Unga (maize flour) is too high. The government should work towards reducing the cost of living for the common mwananchi,” said Sifuna.

“This government promised to take care of the needs of the common mwananchi and I am here to ensure that happens. They should keep their promises.”

Kenyans have been forced to pay up to Sh230 for a 2kg packet of maize flour, which is about double the price at which they purchased the precious commodity a year ago.

The price of fuel has also increased by about 80% in the past year, with the increase attributed to the international market, and especially the war between Russia and Ukraine.

President William Ruto had promised to lower the price of food within 100 days of assuming office but he recently changed his targets and asked Kenyans to give him one year.

Former president Uhuru Kenyatta had opted to subsidise the prices of maize flour and fuel so as to to cushion Kenyans against the high cost of living but President Ruto removed the subsidies immediate after assuming office.

The youthful Sifuna, who doubles up as Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) secretary said the move to provide free internet to Kenyans will increase trade opportunities.

“We are grateful for such an invention. Our people will benefit. They will be able to advertise themselves and do business beyond the county.”

Nairobi has a population of 4,397,073 as per the census conducted in 2019.

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