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Nairobi tops Africa’s most dynamic cities list

Nairobi city has been listed number one in Africa as the most dynamic city and also among the top 10 in the world. This is according to the World Economic Forum.

Nairobi was rated number 10 in the globe in the annual City Momentum Index (CMI) JLL 2017, for the ability to embrace technological change, absorb rapid population growth and strengthen global connectivity.

The global list was topped was Bangalore (India) followed by Hon Chi Minh (Vietnam), Silicon Valley (US), Shanghai (China) and Hyderabad (India). London (UK), Austin (US), Hanoi (Vietnam), Boston (US) and Nairobi (Kenya) completed the top 10 list.

“Fast-growing Nairobi (No. 10), which is experiencing a development boom, is on the watch-list as a regional technology hub,” says the report.

The CMI highlights that, despite various political upheavals and ongoing economic uncertainties, many cities continue to show impressive dynamism.


It adds that these cities provide fertile environments for innovation and successfully integrate into global networks, often outperforming their national economies.

“What has become apparent is that these cities are now becoming more tightly networked and most are outperforming their national economies. Whether new regional technology hubs such as Nairobi, established global gateways like London, or emerging global cities like Shanghai, these cities integrate change and technology into their DNA,” states the report.

However, the CMI isn’t a measure of the “best” cities in which to invest in. It is intended to identify change and highlight which cities or metropolitan areas may be best at positioning themselves to compete in today’s ever-changing economic landscape.

Only three cities – London, Shanghai and Silicon Valley – have consistently made it into the top 10 since the index was first published in 2014.