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Nandy: Why I exposed my daughter’s face despite initial reluctance

Tanzanian sensation Nandy has candidly explained her decision to share her daughter’s face with the world, a choice that diverged from her initial stance to keep her child’s identity private.

In a recent interview with Rick Media, the artist and mother revealed the motivations behind her change of heart and addressed the challenges that come with exposing one’s family to the scrutiny of social media.

In a society where celebrities often wrestle with the balance between their public personas and personal lives, Nandy spoke about her resolve to shield her daughter from the harsh realities of online criticism.

“As a celebrity, I have seen people trolling kids of other celebrities, and that makes me so sad sometimes,” Nandy expressed during the interview.

“But you cannot be loved by all people. There are those who will still hate on you.”

Nandy’s resilience to withstand the negativity that often surfaces on social media led her to share her daughter’s face, defying her earlier intention to keep her child’s identity concealed. She revealed that her daughter’s name, Kenaya, holds a profound meaning, symbolizing “Glory to God.”

The artist’s decision was influenced by the courage to rise above online bullying and embrace the love and adoration she receives from her fans.

In April 2023, when some fans questioned her daughter’s resemblance to her and her husband Billnass due to their differing skin complexions, Nandy addressed the speculations head-on.

She shared an image of herself and her daughter, initially concealing the child’s face, which fueled suspicions that the child was not hers.

However, Nandy categorically dismissed these claims, asserting, “The child is ours. We are enjoying our child.”

Her unwavering response emphasized the importance of asserting her family’s authenticity in the face of baseless rumors.

Nandy also revisited her past statement in an Instagram live session where she had declared her resolve to never reveal her daughter’s face. In light of her recent decision, she clarified her stance.

“I want her to live her own life,” Nandy explained.

“I will also not open a social media account for her. If it’s signing deals and getting money, we the parents will make sure she doesn’t lack anything.”

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