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Ndindi Nyoro blasts Azimio leaders in cost of living debate

By Sammy Waweru December 30th, 2023 2 min read

Kiharu lawmaker Ndindi Nyoro has challenged President William Ruto’s critics to share their development track record.

In a speech that appeared to target leaders affiliated with the opposition’s Azimio la Umoja coalition, the youthful lawmaker, who is rumored to have President Ruto’s ear, explained that most of the leaders blasting the government’s efforts and projects had their time in government but did not achieve much.

Azimio is led by Raila Odinga, who served as Prime Minister under retired President Mwai Kibaki, now deceased.

Nyoro meanwhile asserts that while the opposition has the constitutional right to criticise the government, it should do so respectfully.

“We encourage them to continue with the opposition work – criticising the government, but with respect. However, for those who have been in previous governments, when you criticise the government, ask yourselves what you have done for Kenya,” he said.

While Azimio advocates for the Kenya Kwanza government to prioritise reducing the cost of living, especially by lowering Value Added Tax (VAT) on essential goods, Nyoro argues that it is unfair for the opposition to criticise Dr Ruto when he has been in office for barely less than a year and a half.

“For those who have been in government for 10 years, what did you do for the Kenyans? When we raise concerns, let us be fair,” said Nyoro, who doubles up as the Parliamentary Budget Committee Chair.

He added, “Give our President time to work, respect him, and above all, pray to God to help him succeed.”

The vocal MP claimed that some opposition leaders are derailing the government from delivering its promises to Kenyans, and that this is a trap set for Dr Ruto which they will use to downsize him.

The opposition has consistently called on Ruto’s government to reduce taxes, especially on petroleum products.

In 2023, Ruto raised the VAT on petroleum products from 8 percent to 16 percent, a move that has triggered an upsurge in the price of basic commodities.​

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