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Ndindi Nyoro: Why I train my staff on how to respond to phone calls

By Sammy Waweru January 10th, 2024 2 min read

Kiharu Member of Parliament (MP) Ndindi Nyoro has disclosed that he provides training to his staff on how to handle phone calls from constituents.

According to the outspoken lawmaker associated with the Kenya Kwanza Government, residents of the Kiharu constituency must be treated with respect whenever they communicate with his office, as they are considered “employers and bosses.”

The MP, serving in his second term, emphasizes the importance of extending courtesy to constituents, and as a result, his staff undergo training before assuming their duties.

“My clients are my electorates who also double as my employers and bosses. They have to be treated with respect whenever they make calls to my office,” Mr Ndindi said in a video.

He revealed that he has approximately 30 workers, and before offering them job placements, they were subjected to training on phone call etiquette.

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The legislator, a close ally of President William Ruto, added that he also conducts capacity-building programs to remind his staff on how to handle the concerns of Kiharu electorates.

“In my office, I replicate the customer service standards observed in private sectors and banks. My workers must know how to handle calls,” he stated.

He highlighted some common greetings in the Mount Kenya Region, deeming them inappropriate, especially in public offices.

“In Kikuyu land, we have various types of greetings. For instance, you call someone, and the recipient responds with ‘uga’ (loosely translated as ‘say what you want to’). It may not be considered bad, and we use it that way, but not in my office. We show courtesy to everyone, and when mothers call, we acknowledge them with their children. For example, ‘Mama Caro, how are you? How may I assist you?’ The same courtesy is extended to pastors, addressing them with their titles such as reverend,” explained Mr Ndindi.

The politician, who successfully defended his seat in the 2022 general elections on the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party, is recognized as one of the best-performing lawmakers in the country.

Kiharu is the largest constituency in Murang’a County and the second largest in Mt Kenya.

In a significant contribution to education, the MP has provided tiles to all public primary schools in the constituency and subsidises school fees through NG-CDF.

Recently, several legislators from various parts of the country toured the constituency for benchmarking purposes.