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Ngara woman arrested with ‘sacks of bhang’ vows to sue police for frame-up

Ms Teresiah Wanjiru, a woman reportedly arrested during a raid conducted by sleuths attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) at a bhang den in Nairobi is now accusing the police of framing him.

Ms Wanjiru was arrested on August 15, 2023, alongside three others identified as Eugene Jumba, Hillary Jumbo and Sheila Withers.

Police say they recovered Sh13 million during the raid.

They are expected to appear before the Kahawa Law Courts today August 21, 2023.

They are expected to answer to charges of being in possession of 26 bags of Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) and four cartons of rolling materials.

Her lawyer Mr Brian Khisa told Nairobi News he intends to secure her client’s temporary release.

“Our main aim today is to ensure we secure her freedom then from there we shall sue the DCI for wrongful arrest and also sharing her image and relating the family to one that operates like a mafia,” Mr Khisa said.

Ms Wanjiru says she was arrested in an incident of mistaken identity and the police were aware of what they were doing.

“One police officer arrested me and forced me to seat next to where the bhang was. This is even after I showed him that all I was doing was running a hotel,” Ms Wanjiru said yesterday during an interview at the Muthaiga Police Station.

Since her arrest, neighbors and her relatives have maintained that she was innocent and that the real seller of the bhang is one Nancy Indoverie Kizungu, known by the moniker “Mathe”.

Ms Wanjiru also revealed that Ms Kizungu recently made a phone call to her through a police woman at the station and she was threatened.

This comes at a time when the DCI said it had launched a manhunt for Ms Kizungu who is said to be well connected and has been operating with a lot of impunity.

Ms Kizungu reportedly had a powerful influence that saw her stay in business without any police interference and had even hired informants who alert her incase police are seen heading there.

She was so feared by police officers since she had influenced the transfer of some especially those attached to Parklands, Central, Ngara and Kamukunji Police Stations.

It is worth noting that in June 2022, Ms Kizungu was nabbed alongside her associates and was arraigned at the Kahawa Law Courts where she was fined Sh525,000 before being released. This did not stop her from going on with her business.

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