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Nigerian singer Iyanya speaks on how to have a long successful marriage

Renowned Nigerian music maestro Iyanya, real name Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk has recently sparked controversy by advising happily married couples to safeguard their precious moments away from the prying eyes of social media.

Making a guest appearance on ‘The Kingz Corner’ podcast, he passionately expressed his convictions about the sanctity and beauty of marriage, regardless of the challenges it may present.

“I know people who are happily married, not that they don’t have challenges but I have watched them protect what they have but these days people don’t protect what they have,” Iyanya remarked.

In his candid discussion, Iyanya underscored the necessity of shielding one’s marital life from the public sphere, advocating for the preservation of cherished moments within the confines of the relationship. He lamented the current trend where individuals fail to safeguard their most treasured relationships in a manner akin to protecting valuable possessions, questioning why people safeguard material wealth but not the people they deeply care about.

“Isn’t it funny that these days people would buy gold for fifty thousand dollars and lock it but you have someone that you love so much and you can’t protect that person? You have to protect what you love, some people who are happily married are not on Instagram, some are but they don’t post valuable moments, they cherish them,” the singer reflected.

He further stressed that marriages and their associated issues should not serve as fodder for the entertainment of the online audience. He contended that the essence of finding a life partner should take precedence over succumbing to societal pressures exacerbated by social media, which often instills fear and doubt regarding the institution of marriage.

He remarked, “Consider the words: ‘social’ and ‘media.’ Is your marriage meant to be social? Marriage is an exquisite union, and we must resist allowing failed marriages to dictate our expectations or deter us from seeking and nurturing a good marriage. Finding someone who loves you unconditionally and is willing to make sacrifices for you is paramount.”

Iyanya concluded by advocating for a recalibration of perspectives, urging individuals to prioritize the essence of a genuine, loving partnership over the portrayal of perfection on social platforms. He emphasized the significance of finding someone who authentically cares and is willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the relationship.