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Nigerians disown ‘imposter’ masquerading as President Buhari

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 7th, 2017 1 min read

Nigerians are not convinced that the man passing off as their president is indeed President Muhammadu Buhari even after the head of state reportedly returned from London.

In a news update shared by BBC Africa on Nigeria’s cabinet meeting being cancelled, Nigerians maintained that they have no president.

The cabinet meeting scheduled for Wednesday was canceled for the second time since President Buhari came from his treatment in London.

Nigerians, who commented on the post said the new President Buhari, was still being briefed on national matters hence unable to chair a cabinet meeting.

This even as President Buhari and First Lady Aisha Buhari on Wednesday jetted back to Abuja from a Sallah Festival in Daura, northern Nigeria.


The comments on the BBC story had Nigerians alleging they have no President.

Wisdom Emeka wrote, “The man is impersonating President Buhari! He’s from Sudan and they make plastic surgery for him to look like buhari and he was taught Buhari mannerisms.”

“Nigerians are deceived into believing that their president is sound and healthy. They are scammers all over Nigeria,” wrote Mactrue Kalu Nicholas.

“Rumors have it that Nigerian president who returned from London is an imposter and not the real Buhari. So the one presiding over Nigeria now is a cloned Buhari…….Hahahahaha this is a crazy rumor,” Reginald Ifeanyi Ohiri wrote.

“When I said that Buhari never returned many almajiris attacked me, where is he now? Can he appear in any public event? Let him come out to the public if he claimed to be still alive and prove us wrong,” wrote Oduma Michael Jnr.

Amaechi Mecheline Onuh wrote, “The man is not Buhari, he is an impostor with name Jubril from Sudan.”