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No second chances! Nadia warns baby daddy Arrow Bwoy

Singer Nadia Mukami has revealed how they reconnected after she announced her split with baby daddy Arrow Bwoy.

Speaking in an interview, the singer shared it even took her mother’s intervention to get her into talking terms and reconcile with her man.

Opening up on the circumstances that led to their temporary split, Nadia accused him of casuing the split.

“He is the one that came looking for me. Called my mom to intervene because I had given up on us,” she said.

Then added, “It was that time of transitioning between motherhood and living together, it was not very easy. But next time he repeats that he will have to marry again.”

Though they had planned not to go public with the split, Nadia let the cat out of the bag with her post of asking potential employers to individually call the management of each one of them.

The post that indicated that there was trouble in paradise read, “Just to clarify to the guys to book Arrow Bwoy and me. I have run out of lies. We have not been together for a while, we broke up. Kindly contact individual management for bookings.”

This was their first public breakup that never lasted for as long. While news of their breakup was taken with a pinch of salt, many felt that the duo was clout chasing.

However, after they reunited, Nadia revealed, “People think I was clout chasing but I wasn’t, I would have released a song which I didn’t. Truth is, I was in a very bad state mentally and I wanted to walk out of the relationship for good. Things were not working it was really bad but somehow Arrowboy salvaged the situation and we got back. He is a great guy, he is good with people but everyone has their shortcomings.”

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