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‘Kenyans in UK CEO’, Prince Otach, to sue Boutross over London concert dispute

Prince Otach, the ‘Chief Executive Officer’ of Kenyans in the United Kingdom, on June 3, 2023, threatened to sue Kenyan musician Boutross Munene following a dispute after performing at a festival organized by Otach.

Prince Otach organized the Kenya Diaspora Festival and touted it as the biggest Kenyan concert held in Europe.

The event took place on May 20, 2023, and according to Boutross, Prince Otach began taking them in circles when it came to completing their pay and that Otach took their earnings from a gig they managed to privately secure in Scotland after the London event.

“Boutross is quite talented, but he is still new in this music business. He will gradually learn that contracts are signed by both parties for a reason. I invest my hard earned money to put up these events, so it’s in order for me to protect my investments. I can not fly an artist from Kenya to the UK only for them to come and start arranging side events behind my back. Whether he is right or wrong is not for me to determine. From my end, this additional show in Scotland and online defamation is a legal issue. Boutross will be hearing from my lawyer in less than 72 hours outlining the damages I am claiming. If the damages are not paid in 14 days. The matter will be in court on the 15th day. Unfortunately, the law does not allow me to comment further on social media,” said Prince Otach in response to Boutross’ online rant that has since gone viral.

Prince Otach further added that his Royal Regency event fully paid Boutross and their bone of contention was the money from the extra show Boutross and his team arranged with a Scottish lounge.

“These Kenyan artistes are something else. Any promoter who wants to ride on the availability of an artist must buy the show from the promoter who facilitated the availability. Common sense is not common after all. Any artist who does a sideshow must pay his promoter for expenses incurred to land the artist in Europe. Prince Otach teach them a lesson,” opined John Maloba, a renowned radio journalist in Kenya.

Earlier, Boutross claimed that Prince Otach did not uphold his contractual obligations by not putting them up in the hotel they agreed upon, did not cater for their  needs and did not pay them in full after the Diasporta Festival. During this time, Boutross said they were able to make new acquaintances and were able to arrange for another gig in Scotland. Following the event, Prince Otach allegedly called the lounge and told them to pay him for having Boutross perform in their establishment and did not give Boutross a cut of the earnings.

Boutross called out promoters who mishandled artistes especially when flying them abroad for events and organizing concerts in halls instead of stadiums.

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