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Nuru Okanga, Gaucho’s political beef turns personal

The political beef between Azimio La Umoja activist Nuru Okanga and self declared ghetto president of the Bunge La Wananchi (people’s parliament), Calvince Okoth alias Gaucho, has taken a personal turn.

In his latest attack on his former fellow Azimio loyalist turned ‘defector’, Nuru demanded to know with what authority Gaucho had to talk about his (Okanga’s) wife.

“Do you even know the importance of a wife? Do you know how much a wife uses in a day? How much the oils she uses cost? How much she spends at the hair salon? Wears what shoe size or underwear and bras? Do you know? Or you only know about the women you roam about with in towns? Are you even married? Young men are aged 35 downwards. How old are you? Let us not begin competing Gaucho.

I already told you I used to respect you but where it has reached- you insulting me and telling others that you went to my wife’s home to talk to her people on my behalf so that she returns to my house! Do you even know where my wife’s home is? You are sending people money to insult my wife. What kind of politics is that? Let those who are married to speak. Don’t hire people to come and insult my wife online. She is not into politics. Deal with me personally,” said Mr Okanga.

He also told off Gaucho of claiming he had faked burials and funerals to get money. He warned Gaucho to stay out of his personal business.

Okanga and Gaucho have been feuding for weeks now after falling out. Nuru claimed Gaucho had abandoned Azimio and was now cozying up to President Ruto’s camp. Okanga also claimed Gaucho was out to scatter various bunge la wananchi groupings that pledge loyalty to Raila Odinga after destroying his own Jeevanjee Gardens bunge by receiving money and hiring goons to cause fracas.

However, Gaucho claimed he had no personal animosity towards Nuru Okanga, saying their politics were of different classes and Nuru was only out to gain social media fame by attacking him.

This new attack on Gaucho comes a day after he was spotted hanging out with Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka- a principal at Azimio La Umoja- and then later called on Raila to stand aside and endorse Kalonzo Musyoka for president in the next election. This would indicate that Gaucho shifted his allegiance from Raila to Kalonzo despite still operating within the Azimio coalition.

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