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Nyota Ndogo defends Churchill over rape comment on Facebook

Vocal songstress Nyota Ndogo has come out to defend comedian Churchill after his Facebook post on an alleged rape incident that spectacularly backfired on him causing him to apologise.

The saga involves Imenti Central Member of Parliament Gideon Mwiti, who allegedly raped a married woman last weekend.

Churchill had asked on his Facebook page, why a married woman would go to a private office late in the night.

He wrote; “Just asking; So a married woman agrees to meet a honorable male MP at 10:30 pm? Alone…?”

According to Nyota, instead of Kenyans abusing Churchill for asking a question, they should have argued out and asked more questions.

“Everybody has a right to ask question without necessarily being judged. Churchill asked an innocent question, judging him was wrong,” Nyota Ndogo said.

She also said that Churchill should not have apologised to the people, but instead allow people to ask more questions.

“I am not in any way insinuating that the MP is innocent, neither am I saying that the lady shouldn’t have gone to that office at night. All I am saying is, let us ask questions before judging.”