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Nyota Ndogo shuts down trolls after announcing her pregnancy

Celebrated singer Nyota Ndogo is standing strong against online trolls after she revealed that she is expecting a child. The 42-year-old artiste shared the exciting news on Instagram, and while at it she directly addressed the haters.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Nyota Ndogo told the naysayers to shift their focus from her age to the blessing of impending motherhood.

“Those who say I am too old to give birth, you should not discourage me. On the day of delivery, come and support me because you are the ones with the power to push. First of all, I am only 42; I am still very young. Happy birthday to me. Oh, sorry, congratulations to me,” she said.

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Nyota Ndogo’s announcement came just days after she proudly flaunted her baby bump to her followers, confirming her pregnancy.

However, she also made it clear that her husband prefers not to disclose the details of her pregnancy to the media.

Singer Mwanaisha Abdalla, commonly known as Nyota Ndogo, with her Danish husband Henning Nielson. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Thank you for your congratulations. But, please, forgive me, as my husband has requested that he does not want to see me on any radio, TV, or police station talking about my condition. So, if I release a song, let it be an interview about my music and not my pregnancy. Or, I may not release it until after I give birth,” she said.

This is not the first time Nyota Ndogo has addressed personal matters amidst public scrutiny. In 2021, the coastal-based singer opened up about her past relationship, revealing how her first lover left her heartbroken and with a child to raise alone.

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Nyota Ndogo, who is married to Danish national Henning Nielsen, expressed her frustration at trolls who continuously brought up her past.

“I have come to realize that whenever I post my husband, two or three people come and comment on my post and write long, annoying essays,” she said.

Nyota Ndogo and her Danish husband Henning Nielsen. PHOTO | COURTESY
Nyota Ndogo and her Danish husband Henning Nielsen. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Those close to me know my story that he is the one who left me. Out of the respect I have for him and the love for my child, I cannot talk about that. Please keep my husband out of that unnecessary drama from 15 years ago,” she said.

“And for those saying I left my first husband for my mzungu hubby should go back to him and ask him what happened. He will tell all of you that he left me. That said, don’t talk about things you have no idea about. Even when he calls, I tell my husband about it. That’s how much I respect my son’s father.”

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