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Passaris on Finance Bill 2023: ‘Mateso ni kwa muda tu’

Nairobi County Woman Representative Esther Passaris has declared that she will vote for the Finance Bill 2023 when it comes up for third reading in the National Assembly.

Speaking at Roysambu Primary School on Tuesday during the groundbreaking ceremony of the Nairobi School Feeding Programme kitchen, Passaris said she will vote in favour of the Bill as it seeks to uplift ordinary Kenyans.

She reminded the public that although the Bill has its negatives, it will only be for a short time before things start moving in the right direction.

“Things will be tough for a while, but in the long run, the country will benefit,” Passaris said.

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Passaris said if passed into law, the Bill, which sailed through the second reading in Parliament last week, will help the country to generate revenue.

“We have to build our country, that’s why I encourage our government to look for money, even if it will be difficult so that we can get out of debt.”

The MP, who was elected for a second term on an ODM ticket, said what she finds attractive in the Bill is the plan to upgrade slums.

She lauded Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja for the feeding programme, saying that more than 5,000 people will be employed through it.

Through the programme, the county is seeking to provide food for the school-going children in public primary and ECD within the county.

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Each student will be paying Sh5 daily for the nutritious food that the governor said will allow them to attend school since there will be food for them.

The programme is targeting urban poor communities, where some learners have dropped out of schools due to hunger.

Governor Sakaja said urban poverty has been ignored by the government and the donors who concentrate on arid and semi-arid areas during their drought interventions.

“Urban poverty in many respects bites harder than poverty in the rural area. Hii ni shamba yam awe. If you don’t have money you will not have a place to sleep,” Sakaja said.

The event was attended by President William Ruto, who recently hinted at rolling out a similar programme across the country.

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