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Performance issues: Female Shabana fans on the spot for ‘taking players energies’ away

Shabana Football Club’s female fans were put on the spot for allegedly interfering with the team’s performance lately.

In a communique by a fan of the Kenya Premier League club, the fan accused ladies of “taking energy” away from the players before they played their matches.

“Shabana FC updates 2023-2024- Despite the managerial misunderstandings, our team Shabana FC has several issues that are undermining their performance in the field for the last few games. There is a group of ladies who call themselves ‘Warembo Na Shabana’. They are the major threat, I can confidently say, dragging our team behind.

It has come to our attention that the ladies are the key disappointments. Their conduct is non-pleasant and I think this will continue affecting the team and the whole Shabana community (fans) if not acted upon as early as now,” read the statement.

It went on, “It’s quite unfortunate that the Governor of Kisii County and the Ministry of Sports are working hard to ensure our team is thriving well only to find that those being aided are not seeing. It came out clearly that the players always travel a day after their away matches in case it is far away, they get accommodation in inns for the night. Here is where now the players notify the Warembo na Shabana of their residence.”

According to the statement, female fans travel and get rooms in the same inns where the team books in, spend the night together without considering there are matches to be played the next day.

“The players focus more on bedwork knowing very well they will have a match the following day. They wake up in the morning very tired and that’s how they have been losing matches. Warembo na Shabana should, with immediate effect, avoid following our players where they go. The players should also avoid informing the women where they are spending their nights. This should stop immediately.” concluded the statement.

Warembo Na Shabana also has a dedicated social media page on Facebook which has 10,000 members. There have been complaints among fans about doing away with the group but some fans opposed it, saying it was the ladies who drew in more fans to matches.

Shabana FC has been struggling in the top-flight league this season. The team is currently placed second from bottom in the 18-team league and on account of this form, risks relegation to the second-tier league.

A 1-0 loss to Bandari in a league match in Mombasa over the weekend meant that the team had gone five matches without a win. That result cost coach Sammy Okoth his job.

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