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Pick up your smart driving licences NTSA tells motorists

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has announced that all smart driving licences are ready for collection.

In a statement on Thursday, 9 November, the transport authority urged all motorists who have applied for a Smart Driving Licence to collect the document from various centres.

The NTSA further said that collection will take place at the centre where the applicants are identified during the application process.

“We urge our esteemed customers to collect their smart DLs from the centre identified during the application process,” the statement read in part.

The authority also asked motorists to carry copies of their original identity cards for verification during collection.

At the same time, motorists can check their licence status by sending their contact details to 22846.

“Carry your original ID for verification. For more information on DLs, visit your nearest NTSA office or send an email to,” the authority added.

Applications for Smart DLs are made through the e-Citizen portal and processing can take up to four weeks.

It also costs Sh3,050 to apply for a Smart DL.

Motorists are also required to submit their photograph and biometric data during the application process.

Meanwhile, the authority earlier announced that it has changed its operating hours to 11 hours from Monday to Friday, from 7.30am to 6pm.

The NTSA also urged Kenyans to take advantage of the extended hours to collect their number plates and driving licences.

NTSA had earlier said that although the transition from the old licence to the smart licence has been going on since 2017, the old driving licence will still be in use.

The full transition is expected to take place when 80 per cent of drivers have acquired the smart licence.

In particular, the authority explained that the smart licences will ensure compliance with international standards of licensing and identification.

It will also facilitate the payment of fines and identification. It also aids in the ease of paying fines and identification and penalization of reckless drivers on the roads.