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Police probe Sh600,000 theft from Narok businessman

Police are on the trail of a gang of robbers who waylaid a man moments after he withdrew money from a bank in Narok County and snatched the cash.

Police said the businessman lost Sh617,000 moments after he had withdrawn the same from a bank.

The victim identified as Musungui Parmuat told police he withdrew Sh600,000 from a bank in Narok on July 4, 2023, and boarded a vehicle to Ewasongiro where he alighted heading to his home.

He said he was then approached by three unknown men who were in a saloon car and offered to drop him to Goswani area, but while on the way, the men branched to Tannery direction where they handcuffed him and threatened him with a gun.

He was then robbed of the bag containing the said cash, a wallet with Sh17,000, two mobile phones and personal documents and later abandoned in the bush.

He later went to Mau Narok police station and made the report.

Police visited the scene as part of the probe. Another team visited the bank where he said he withdrew the cash as part of the investigations.

No arrest or recovery has been made so far and police say this is the latest such incident to be reported.

This is the latest robbery involving someone withdrawing money from the bank.

Police say a special team has been established to crack down on criminal gangs targeting bank customers withdrawing huge amounts of cash.

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