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Popular TikToker and Man U fan, ‘Shosh Wa Kinangop’ laid to rest

Renowned TikToker Jane Wandune, known by her alias Shosh wa Kinangop, has been laid to rest in her hometown of Murang’a County.

The beloved Manchester United supporter passed away on June 4, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and joy that she was known for on TikTok.

Jane Wandune rose to prominence through her entertaining impersonation of Marcus Rashford, a star player from the renowned football club.

Her TikTok videos garnered a significant following, earning her the affectionate title of “Shosh wa Kinangop” from her fans.

Heartfelt emotions filled the air during her final farewell as family members and close friends gathered to pay their respects and bid farewell to the late TikToker.

While viewing her body, emotions ran high, particularly for Shosh wa Kinangop’s beloved grandson, Anthony Karanu.

Known for their close bond and frequent collaborations on videos, Anthony was deeply attached to his grandmother.

However, the sight of her lying in a coffin became too overwhelming for him, and he fainted in the process.

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Before her untimely passing, Shosh had openly shared with her devoted fans that she was unwell and expressed her intention to resume her presence on the platform once she had recovered.

On May 31, 2023, the content creator shared her last video appearing weak, confined to a wheelchair and told her fans, “I have fallen sick, don’t think I have gone missing, mimi sijapotea, nikipona tutaonana. Mungu ni mwema (I have not gone missing, once I feel better, I shall be back. God is good),” Shosh Wa Kinangop said a few weeks ago.

During a recent interview conducted by YouTuber Trudy, the daughter of Shosh Wa Kinangop shared the details of her mother’s health struggles.

According to her daughter, Shosh began experiencing chest pains in February, although her overall health had been fragile prior to that.

Concerned about her well-being, Shosh was admitted to the hospital, where medical professionals diagnosed her with fluid accumulation around her heart.

Unfortunately, it was this condition that ultimately led to her untimely passing.