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Prayers worked! Edday’s fans celebrate as Samidoh is spotted driving her car

Supporters of Samidoh’s “goat wife,” Edday Nderitu, are rejoicing after spotting the Kenyan artist driving her car during his holiday in Boston.

Samidoh, who is currently in the United States spending time with his first wife Edday, and their three children, shared a TikTok video showcasing the couple’s moments together.

Eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice that the car Samidoh was driving closely resembled the one Edday had shared in a previous post a few weeks ago.

This led to an outpour of excitement from followers.

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Comments flooded the video, expressing joy and approval for the apparent harmony in the couple’s relationship.

Here are some reactions from Edday’s fans:

caudy boke: “Hee nimetoka kuconfirm the same car ya Edday.”

Mama yao: “Hii si gari ya our girl Eddy.”

queen kocel💞: “Door ya gari with that ka brown things ni car ya Eddy GG man.”

Morin Mwangi: “Watu wa prayers, finally you won.”

backupaccoun: “Watu wa nothing but prayers, hadi comment section tumefunguliwa, prayers work oooh.”

user3611997135424: “Waooo finally I can even afford to comment. May Almighty God keep this family in Jesus’ name. Kofia ya madam winner prayer warrior(@ enemies.”

The real: “Guess whose car and who is the cameraman.”

MoMo: “It’s Eddy’s car… team, nothing but prayers. Check the blue line on the door frame. It’s the same.”

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In a previous interview with Nairobi News, Edday Nderitu hinted at the challenges in her relationship with Samidoh after he sired two children with Senator Karen Nyamu.

Senator Nyamu, a lawyer, stated in an exclusive interview that Samidoh, who works in Kenya, had every right to meet and interact with his children during his visit to the US.

“Samidoh works in Kenya, so he had missed seeing his children. He went to see them,” Karen mentioned.

She added, “He needed that. He needed to see his babies, and his babies needed to see their dad.”