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Protesting PSV operators paralyze public transport in Githurai – PHOTOS

Residents of Githurai 44 on Tuesday morning woke up to a paralyzed public transport system occasioned by protest by matatu operators of Tikagi Sacco which operate between Githurai to Kiambu.

The operators barricaded Ngumba Road with stones and lit bonfires in the middle of the road using tyres to protest over the bad condition of the 2km stretch of road which links the two neighborhoods.

Protesters barricaded Ngumba Road with stones to protest over the bad condition of the road. PHOTO | COURTESY

“We have been here since 6am and will not move until action is taken to repair this road which is in bad state. Hii barabara ya kushikanisha Kamiti road, Githurai 44 na Thika Superhighway inakaa shamba,” one of the operators said.

The demonstrating matatu operators were joined by tuk tuk and boda boda operators who ply the same route.

Police officers clear Ngumba Road following protests by matatu operators. PHOTO | COURTESY

The road was last repaired back in 2014 but its state has since been gradually damaged.

The situation only eased up after the police stepped in to disperse the demonstrators and cleared the road for normal traffic flow.