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Outrage as male rhino is killed by poachers at Lake Nakuru National Park

A male Rhino has been killed by poachers at Lake Nakuru National Park raising the number of rhinos which have died in recent days in Kenyan national parks to 11.

The Kenya Wildlife Service shared the information on social media reporting the killing of a 12-year-old male black rhino on Monday evening.

News of the rhino’s killing further added to the public outrage over the alarming deaths of the animals in the country’s nationals parks.

“Sad to report the killing of a 12-year-old male black rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park last evening. Pursuit for poachers is underway,” tweeted KWS.

This comes in the wake a raging storm over the death of 10 rhinos at at Tsavo East National Park, which has put Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala in deep trouble.

Kenyans in Twitter reacted to the rhino’s killing with shock and outrage.

Qbet wrote, “This is painful. Very painful.”

Reimus Young tweeted, “what’s happening? Serious Scrutiny has to be done in this bureaucracy! Are you after making the rhinos extinct! Someone is sleeping in job.”

Maryanne Wacera said, “This is too much now.”

PKarnja commented, “@kwskenya The poachers certainly came from HELL. This is monumental loss. Rhinos under siege again.”

“This is very very sad news indeed especially happening after we lost 10 rhinos in Tsavo National park this month. I do not understand how poachers are able to gain access in these parks yet we have numerous game wardens patrolling the parks!” Tim James Musumba coomented.

“You CANNOT Afford to let any other Rhinos Die after the botched migration you carried out earlier killing 10 of them. They must be protected at all costs,” Jaytee commented, while Jimrose The IX asked, “Could things get any worse on our way to hell?”