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Rapper Kristoff blasts Kenyans calling for Naiboi;s music comeback.

RAPPER Kristoff claims fellow Kenyan artistes are the most peculiar acts when it comes to supporting each other’s artistic projects.

Rarely will you ever witness a Kenyan artiste share new releases from their counterparts on their socials or atleast try to hype a project of a fellow colleague.

In Kristoff’s eyes, the majority of Kenyan acts are selfish and afraid of spotlighting fellow artistes for fear that he/she might end up outshining them.

“Kenyan artists are either selfish or just scared (of you). Why would a fellow artist find it so difficult to share your new project on their platforms? Clearly he/she doesn’t want to see you elevated or shine, he/she doesn’t want you to win, there is no other explanation to that,” he claims.

Kristoff, who has been back in the country for months now having left for the States for about two years, observes that such traits are only evident in Kenya.

“It only happens in Kenya. You look at Tanzanians, they share each other’s projects a lot, such is the case in Uganda, America, this behavior is only exclusive to Kenya,” Kristoff adds.
The rapper also urged Kenyans to stop with online ‘cooking’ habits of artistes and yet they dont fully support them.

Kristoff was reacting to a recent online buzz when rapper and singer Naiboi trended on Instagram and Twitter where majority of Kenyans were calling him to make a comeback into the music industry. Naiboi left for the States about three years ago and is yet to release any new music.

“Kenyans should stop this habit. They are now calling for Naiboi’s music comeback but when he was here churning all those hits, the love and support he received from them wasn’t as huge. He is my close friend. We speak a lot, and I can tell you he is doing well right now with his life. As to whether he will be releasing new music, yes maybe soon but for now Kenyans should let him be, let him cook content but when he finally decides to release the projects they should support him and stop being hypocrites,”

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