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Rapper Majirani calls out Kenrazy over hit song ownership

Kenyan rappers, Majirani and Kenrazy are embroiled in a new beef over ownership of the song Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga.

Majirani, who sang the song, has come out to state that he is the sole owner of the hit and not Kenrazy.

“I’m the owner of the song, Hivo Ndio Kunaendaga, but Kenrazy went all over the media claiming to be the owner. I want to clear that misconception, once and for all,” said Majirani.

Kenrazy is on record for claiming that the hit was the cheapest collabo he ever charged for a verse.

In a statement, Majirani called him out and said that it’s the only collabo he was ever paid.


“Stop acting expensive, stop acting holy. I lost my respect for you when you went on Churchill’s show and lied that you wrote my song. This is a song I wrote while in prison,” Majirani said.

“I remember 8 years ago, while at Narok High School, I sneaked out and got punished. The reason I sneaked from school was to attend Kenrazy’s event. After I cleared high school, I worked hard to get money to be able to pay him for a collabo only for him to turn around and steal it,” he further said.

He challenged Kenrazy to show Kenyans which upcoming artiste in his entire career has he ever introduced to fans.

But the singer insists that he has no beef with Kenrazy but advised to quit music and find better things to do in life.

“I heard you talking about how Tanzanian musicians, the likes of Diamond Platnumz are making money. You started off, way back in 2005 we are in 2016 and you are still complaining about not making money. When will you start making money?” he ranted.