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Rapper Trio Mio narrates horrific encounter with gunmen

Kenyan rapper Trio Mio has narrated his scary experience at the hands of gunmen. 

Speaking in a YouTube interview, Trio Mio recalls losing his valuables to three guys at around midnight after leaving the studio.

“I decided to pass by the hood. I found three people hanging around here,” he explained.

The singer says he initially tried to ignore them and continued walking towards his car, which was parked a few feet away.

One of the guys called out, recognizing the rapper before they went on to brandish a gun at him.

He says his heart skipped a beat as he tried to recall if he knew the guys. 

The next moment, the person with the gun placed it at his stomach.

Trio says he froze as he couldn’t believe this was happening to him.

He slowly reached into his pocket and handed over his mobile phones, clothes and car keys.

“The other guy had a panga, the one with the gun placed it on my tummy and warned me not to do anything stupid.”

“I was ready and willing to remain with a boxer.”

The gunmen quickly disappeared into the night, leaving Trio Mio shaken and traumatized. 

He felt violated and exposed as if his sense of safety had been stripped away. 

He had lost more than just his phones and car keys that night; he had lost a piece of himself.

Trio Mio spoke out about the dangers of living in Nairobi, and how anyone could become a victim of crime at any moment. 

He urged his fans to be vigilant and take precautions to protect themselves.

Other celebrities who have shared such scenarios in Nairobi include Akothee’s sister Cebbie who almost got robbed her phone at gunpoint at Chiromo area, when the car she was in slowed down at a bump.

Comedian Njugush was once robbed as he attempted to save a middle-aged woman limping on the road.

Without thinking twice, Njugush slowed down his car and pulled over. He rolled down the window and asked if she needed any help. The woman replied that she had had a few drinks and was having trouble walking.

Njugush felt a pang of sympathy for the woman and offered to give her food.

As Njugush was opening the car to pick some food for her, two men appeared out of nowhere and jumped in before he could react. 

They seemed to know each other, but Njugush didn’t recognize them from the road. One of the men sat in the passenger seat next to the woman, while the other sat in the co-driver’s seat.

Njugush was ordered to remain silent and cooperate lest the woman start screaming and accuse him of rape.

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