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Ringtone: How I made my wealth

Gospel artist Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, has opened up on his source of wealth.

Ringtone is known to live large by local standards, showing off expensive cash and houses, and splashing the cash at almost every turn.

These moves have attracted speculation and in an interview with Kiss FM, the musician argues he uses his brain to make money. He adds that he made most of his wealth visiting schools and selling CDs and would make upto Sh500,000 a week.

“I have money. Let Kenyan women know that I have money. I have made all this money by being smart and not breaking the law. I am an artist who uses his brain,” he explained.

“I used to visit ten schools in a week. I preferred girls’ schools because they appreciate talent more. I could make Sh50,000 a trip.”

He added: “One girls’ school has around 1000 students. I used to go with my music, and sell each CD at Sh100. If I sell to half the students, that’s already fifty thousand in my pocket.”

The artist further explains his background inspired him to start visiting schools as he uses his story to motivate students to work hard and dream big because he is currently living out his.

“I was abandoned by my mother, and my dad died before I could meet him. I was a street boy. So when I go to those schools I let them know that I want to tell their students that I am a polished street boy and give them my story about how I became the man I am today,” he said.

The Pamela hitmaker has also advised artists to consider a business approach to their careers.

“Kenyans would love to promote their artists, but artists lack content they can relate to. I would be so shocked if Otile Brown sold even ten CDs, or even Khaligraph Jones selling five, why? Because they don’t think business,” he remarked.