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RIP: Actress Annstella Karimi reveals painful dying moments of late boyfriend Kelly

Former Sue na Jonnie actress Annstella Karimi has mourned the loss of her boyfriend Kelly.

Recalling how they met and fell in love, the actress revealed that she will still love him even after he is gone.

Revealing that they met in 2016 and loved each other from the moment they ate Domino pizza, Anne recalled that when they met they knew they would vybe and be childish together.

After an accident took her loved one away, Anne shared that she was supposed to see him that night and when her calls went unanswered, she was furious not knowing that her love was fighting for his life.

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Sharing a video of the moments they shared together, Anne captioned it, “2016 we met and we loved each other from the moment we had that Dominos pizza and we knew we wanted to be stupid together forever…

How am I supposed to continue Kelly… You have seen me through all my heartbreak, all my stress and I still came home to you….No judgement, just love and laughter…. We would go from “I hate you” to “I’m down” so quickly… “I’ve loved you for 7 years and I’ll love you for 70 more.”

Then she added: “My birthdays will never be the same because I have spent every birthday with you for the last 7 years as your birthday is 10 days before mine and I remember when you woke up you remembered my birthday and apologised for missing it even though I didn’t celebrate it…

I was supposed to see you later that evening just before the accident… …and I was so angry because you didn’t answer my calls, but I didn’t know you were fighting for your life…

I will hold on to all the love and little kisses I would get from you and your terrible laugh that would light up the room. Rest in peace Kelly….I’ll always love you You knew me before anyone knew my name and still became my biggest cheerleader.”

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