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Risper Faith advocates dating several men before marriage

Former cast member of “Nairobi Diaries,” Risper Faith, has ignited a debate by encouraging single women to sample multiple men before making a final commitment.

In a recent TikTok live session, Risper imparted her perspective on relationships, urging women to take their time and sample various options to avoid settling with the wrong partner.

“Ladies, don’t date one man. Are you married to him to date him alone, get like five different men,” she advised, speaking directly to her female audience.

Risper contended that this approach could prevent women from ending up with partners who aren’t the best fit for them.

The former reality TV star also touched on the financial aspect of relationships, advising women to embrace their own financial independence.

Risper cautioned against falling into relationships with financially unstable men and emphasized the importance of men who are willing to invest in their partners.

“Men who want to spend will spend on you… Men will spend on good-looking women,” she noted.

Risper further advocated for self-care and enhancing one’s appearance, suggesting that makeup can be a tool to boost self-confidence and capture a partner’s attention.

She challenged women to embrace their beauty and project it outwardly.

“We are all beautiful just that we need to start enhancing on our beauty by applying some good makeup before sharing our photos,” she added.

Risper also reflected on her own experiences in relationships.

She shared her journey from tumultuous early days with her husband, Brian Muiruri, to a more harmonious partnership.

She opened up on past struggles with alcoholism and her husband’s influence in helping her navigate those challenges.

She narrated how his consistent support and affection led to positive changes in their relationship.

“I am that lady who is very violent and who misbehaves when I drink alcohol. That used to be my joy. He requested me to limit alcoholism but he kept rewarding me with gifts,” she narrated.

Describing her marriage with Brian as one of the best experiences she has had, Risper acknowledged that finding a partner who respected and valued her was a turning point.

“I have dated all types of men in this world. Some were very stingy, some just wanted to sleep with me, but when I found Brian and he showed interest in making me his wife, I decided to chill and change,” she said.

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