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Risper Faith: I lost gigs after exposing Tanasha Donna

Risper Faith has opened up about her experience of introducing Tanasha Donna to a Kenyan cosmetic surgery clinic for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), which allegedly led to a series of problems for Risper.

In an interview with Mwende Macharia on Radio Maisha, Risper revealed the details of her encounter with Tanasha and the aftermath of their collaboration.

Risper explained that Tanasha had contacted her via DM, expressing her interest in cosmetic surgery and seeking Risper’s advice.

Coincidentally, the company Risper was working with was actively looking for someone to have a butt lift, so she introduced Tanasha to them.

“Tanasha’s story cost me a gig. The truth is, the company was looking for someone to do a butt lift. Coincidentally, Tanasha sent me a DM asking if I had had mine done, so I introduced her to them,” Risper revealed in the interview.

Tanasha Donna. PHOTO| COURTESY

According to Risper, there was an agreement that Tanasha would give the company a shout-out on her social media platforms, which she allegedly failed to do.

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The company even went so far as to hire a team of professional videographers to document the whole process.

However, Risper claimed that just two weeks after the surgery, Tanasha went missing.

Risper also claimed that Tanasha had failed to receive the necessary aftercare, which could pose a significant risk to her health and recovery.

“The procedure cost about Sh860,000. It was done for her and she ran away. The company came looking for me because I introduced her to them. It even became a police case. It was a big story, even now I could lose my contract if I keep talking about it. After that incident, she blocked me everywhere,” Risper said.

During a radio interview in 2022, Tanasha Donna addressed the issue of false information circulating about her and confidently denied the claims of those spreading the rumours.

Tanasha emphasised that such allegations lack any concrete evidence to back them up.

“I find it frustrating to answer questions about false narratives and unfounded gossip,” she said.

“I am open to discussing personal matters, but I refuse to answer questions based on lies.”

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