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Risper Faith: Why my weight loss surgery didn’t work

Socialite Risper Faith has come under scrutiny for her recent weight gain, three years after undergoing liposuction.

In an interview with Mwende Macharia, Risper addressed the concerns and explained the reasons behind her weight gain after the procedure.

Risper Faith revealed that the liposuction surgery took place in 2020 but did not produce the desired results because she did not follow the post-operative instructions.

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She admitted that she failed to follow the recommended dietary guidelines and neglected to exercise regularly, which ultimately led to the reversal of the effects of the procedure.

“I had liposuction in 2020, but after that I was supposed to follow some procedures and avoid some foods. I ate everything and gained more weight. I didn’t follow the instructions and it backfired,” she said.

The operation itself cost her a considerable amount of money – Sh460,000.

However, she clarified that the money for the operation was provided by her husband.

In 2020, Risper announced that she had undergone the operation and had eight litres of fat removed from her stomach and lower back.

She explained that she wanted to get back to her ideal weight of 80 kilos, having gained over 35 kilos after giving birth.

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Risper also acknowledged that celebrities use editing and filtering features when posting photos of their lives on social media to maintain relevance and generate online attention.

In addition to discussing her liposuction experience, Risper Faith delved into the topic of intimacy in relationships.

She shared her perspective on the importance of sex and how she encourages women to improve their bedroom experience in order to strengthen their marriages.

When asked how she protects her husband Brian from unwanted attention and thirsty fans, Risper explained that she controls his social media accounts.

By having access to all his passwords and monitoring his messages, she believes she can prevent any potential threats to their relationship.

Risper expressed her confidence in their commitment to each other and explained that she spends most of her time with her husband, which alleviates any concerns about infidelity.

“I have all his passwords and I go through his messages. It doesn’t bother me because I’m with him all day. I read all the messages before he even sees them,” she said.

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