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Ruto grateful for two diligent women who pray for him

President William Ruto credits his success to his wife, First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto for consistently praying for him.

In an address on March 18, the Head of State expressed appreciation for his wife’s prayers, which he believes have brought blessings into his life.

He emphasized that both Rachel Ruto and his mother, Mama Sarah Cheruiyot, have been ardent prayer warriors on his behalf.

“I am accompanied by my wife, Rachel Ruto. Once upon a time, she was my girlfriend, but now she walks this journey of life with me. I consider myself fortunate, as she joins my mother in praying for me. I am doubly blessed to have two women (my mother and my wife) who intercede for me diligently. Their prayers have been instrumental in my journey,” President Ruto remarked.

Mama Rachel Ruto is renowned for her humility and steadfast devotion to prayer.

Recently, she unveiled the Faith Diplomacy mission, aimed at fostering nationwide prayer initiatives.

Defending her advocacy for prayer, she emphasised its integral role in her strategy to empower women economically and address gender disparities in Kenya.

The couple’s enduring love story spans over three decades, originating from their college days.

Their paths crossed during their college years, more than 30 years ago, when she affectionately referred to her husband as Bill.

In a revealing interview on “Woman without Limits” with Rev Kathy Kiuna, Rachel recounted a profound dream where God unveiled her future marriage to William Ruto.

Recalling her university days, the mother of six shared how she fervently prayed for a life partner, and in a divine revelation during her teaching practice, God disclosed her future husband’s name as William Ruto.

“The next day after this revelation, William Ruto unexpectedly visited me, confirming God’s message. His presence in Eldoret at that time was unusual,” Rachel recounted.

Recalling the pivotal moment of their proposal, Rachel recounted:

“I found myself alone with him in the room, feeling quite uneasy. He then confessed that he had something important to discuss, which turned out to be his proposal.”

Rachel, overwhelmed, promised to seek divine guidance, ultimately accepting his proposal. The rest, as they say, is history.

Despite her career in education, Rachel’s teaching tenure was brief. She revealed to Kathy Kiuna that she was assigned to a distant school, which she opted not to attend due to her impending marriage.

“I chose not to take the teaching post as I was preparing for marriage,” she explained.

Rachel pursued employment in Nairobi, later resigning to focus on her familial responsibilities, navigating the delicate balance of motherhood and marital duties.

Her husband William Ruto was the first man in her life.

“I started dating at KU after meeting a wonderful man,” she said.

“I had known my husband since childhood. I knew him from the church when we would go to youth camps. He was an active church person.”

She said she is glad she got married young.

“I got married immediately after KU at the age of 23 years. I have never regretted getting married young. It’s good to enjoy the young life in your marriage. I have six children.”

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