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Murkomen orders all PSVs to undergo re-test amid road carnage

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has ordered all Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) and heavy commercial drivers to undergo retesting.

The CS said the directive, which was to be implemented earlier, had been postponed after an outcry from the sector stakeholders.

In a statement to newsrooms on Tuesday, March 19, CS Murkomen said it was part of efforts to curb rising accident cases.

“The re-testing of all PSV and heavy commercial drivers, that had been postponed after an outcry from the sector, will now be implemented without further delay. All stakeholders are expected to comply and cooperate,” part of the statement read.

The drivers will also undergo medical testing, and only those proven to be medically fit will be issued with new licences, or allowed to drive.

“NTSA to put in place measures for the implementation of medical testing of all drivers as required by Section 105A(1) and (2) and Rule 30(4) of the Traffic (Driving Schools, Driving Instructors and Driving License) rules 202 before the issuance of any new driving licenses and renewal thereof to ensure that only drivers who are medically fit are licensed to drive,” he said.

CS Murkomen further stated that the National Police Service and NTSA will intensify the ongoing nationwide enforcement.

He said the police will impound all unroadworthy vehicles and those that are not integrated with the Road Safety Management System to transmit speed limiter data.

In October last year, the CS suspended the retesting of commercial and PSV) for of three months saying that the extension would offer his ministry adequate time to reach a consensus with stakeholders regarding the retesting of the drivers.

“This is to notify members of the public hereby that the suspension of retesting of drivers who are holders of driving licenses with class endorsement(s); B3, D1, D2, D3, C, C1, CE, and CD has been extended for a period of 3 months effective from the date of this notice,” read the notice.

NTSA had announced on June 20, 2023, that the periodic retest will be mandatory, conducted every three years before a driver renews their license.

“The re-test is for commercial and public service vehicle drivers and is a pre-requisite for renewal of driving licenses with class endorsement(s); 83, D1, D2, D3, C, Cl. CE and CD. 2. The re-test shall be conducted every three years upon the expiry of driving licenses with class endorsement (s): B3, DI, D2, D3, C, Cl. CE and CD,” it had said in a statement.

These classes comprise drivers of commercial and school buses, matatus, and taxis. The re-tests were to be conducted in all NTSA Driver Test Units and drivers will be required to apply online via their e-citizen account at a fee of Sh1,050.

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