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Ruto tickles police commanders by offering them ‘chai’ at State House

By Winnie Onyando November 17th, 2022 2 min read

There was a light moment when President William Ruto offered regional police commanders “chai” when he hosted them at State House, Nairobi on Thursday .

With the cold weather that is presently being experienced in Nairobi, the president graciously asked the police bosses not to leave before having some “chai”.

However, the head of state quickly clarified that the “chai” he was offering was the ‘normal’ tea and not the chai (bribe) that the National Police Service is infamous for. In Kenyan slang, “chai” translates to a bribe, especially one that is offered to police officers.

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“Mimi nimeshukuru sana jameni. Na msiondoke kabla hamjakunywa chai… chai ile ya kikombe (I’m very grateful. Please don’t leave before taking tea… but I mean a cup of tea),” the president said amid laughter from his distinguished guests.

“Nimeambia hawa wagwana wasiondoke bila chai nikaona wako na question mark… ni ile chai ya kikombe (I’ve told these gentlemen not to leave before taking tea and I noticed their questioning demeanor. It’s a cup of tea),” he clarified further.

The president had met the top police bosses to discuss their challenges and the country’s state of security.

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During the meeting, the President urged the officers to be impartial in their duties. He said they should take non-political stance in their line of work, promising to will provide them with modern equipment to help confront insecurity in the country.

“We want the police to be professional, independent and accountable while protecting Kenyans,” the president said.

The head of state also pointed out that the police have the duty of protecting not just those in government but also those in the opposition.

“We are one. We want you to protect all Kenyans,” the president said.

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