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Ruto turns down Mudavadi’s request to buy Nairobi School a bus

On Thursday, May 25, 2023, President William Ruto joined the Nairobi School fraternity in commissioning of a new dormitory and laying of the foundation stone for a new Science Laboratory complex at the top tier secondary school. He was accompanied by several Nairobi School alumni, including Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, and a host of other politicians.

Prior to welcoming President Ruto to make his remarks, PCS Mudavadi asked President Ruto to buy the school a bus.

“This is truly a humbling moment for me. Your Excellency, I joined Nairobi School in 1974 and then walked out of the gates in 1979. That is 44 years today. When you have been in an institution for six years, it is very emotional when you have to walk out knowing that your tour of duty in that institution has come to an end. It’s like being told you have to walk out of home. It’s not easy. So today I am here, feeling very happy that we were driven back into this school and entering and looking at the buildings, all those great moments came back,” began PCS Mudavadi.

He went on to congratulate everyone who upheld the school to what it is today; and those planning to make it bigger. He also called on the government to support iconic schools in Kenya because they have significant histories for the country; proposing that some special attention be given to these schools for purposes of enriching Kenya’s heritage and to have premium entities.

“I am convinced 100% that this is the best school in Kenya even though the judge said Loreto Girls is better. I am, however, allowed to register my objection. And speaking, not as a Primary Cabinet Secretary, Your Excellency, but as one of Nairobi School, I am very happy to say thank you for gracing this occasion and being with us today. Come again whenever you have the opportunity,” continued PCS Mudavadi.

In his final remarks, for his “young school mates” to not feel embarrassed when they went out to other institutions, Mudavadi told President Ruto that he would donate Sh one million to get a bus refurbished and kick of the journey as he passed a veiled message to the President from someone from the school “who asked” that the school get a new bus.

“I know Musalia has raised an objection about whether this (school) is the greatest or there is another one. I do not want to engage myself in that one because I am not sure. But I also want to raise an objection on what he said about the bus. I think, Prime Cabinet Secretary, just buy the bus. And if you need to look for friends, and one of them is standing before you. So, I am sure Musalia will deliver the bus. So at least we have one thing out of the way,” President Ruto told a charged crowd in response while giving his speech.

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