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Salasya: I’m building a house for my mother, her prayers saved my life

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has shared more details of his near-death experience in a swimming pool in Sudan last year. The first-term MP said the incident compelled him to build a house for his mother.

The lawmaker explained that it was her mother’s prayers that saved his life and he thought of building her house to bless her.

I was almost dead last year in the swimming pool in Sudan, but bcoz of prayers my mother prays for me for God’s protection, Yes He saved my life. I immediately decided to build this house for her and bless her with it and it’s almost. May God use u to take away shame in u families,” Salasya tweeted.

In the tweet, Salasya attached photos of the house that is still under construction.

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Sometime late last year, the controversial MP put up a social media post thanking God for saving him from nearly losing his life after he participated in swimming.

The youthful MP narrated that after finishing the athletics competition, he decided to take a dip in the pool.

“The manager told me not to proceed beyond the shallow end but my curiosity could not let me stay put. I could not see above the water, I could not breathe or shout or do anything. It was like; ‘Oh my God!’ today is the end of me,’ I discovered that you cannot just walk in the pool to the wall of the pool which is what I thought as I went in,” he narrated.

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After he returned home, Salasya convened a prayer meeting to thank God for sparing his life vowing to never go back into a swimming pool.

“I was almost dead in the swimming Pool, but I was rescued wacha Yesu aitwe Yesu. I will never go back to a swimming pool. Kama haujui ku swim like me please don’t dare go into that thing,” he said.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) published in 2020, showed that drowning deaths in Kenya had reached 1,200 or 0.46 per cent of total deaths. Additionally, more than 236,000 lives are lost each year from drowning.

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