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Sam Nyamweya accuses FKF boss Nick Mwendwa for hiding details of Azam deal

By Winnie Mabel September 22nd, 2023 2 min read

Former Football Kenya Federation president Sam Nyamweya has accused the federation’s current president, Mr Nick Mwendwa, of hiding details of the broadcast sponsorship deal with Tanzania’s Azam TV.

In a statement on Friday, Nyamweya claimed Mwendwa sealed the deal without involving clubs that are among the key shareholders in Kenyan football.

“It has now come to my knowledge that despite FKF signing the deal, they did not involve the clubs, who are among the key shareholders in matters of football in the country,” Nyamweya said.

“Any signed contract that involves FKF and the clubs should always be put in the open for everyone to see. Why is FKF refusing to give out the contract to the 18 clubs in the (Kenya) Premier League to peruse through before they agree on whether to sign it or not? Why are FKF threatening clubs to sign a contract they have not seen nor read it?” Nyamweya posed.

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He explained that it was for these reasons that he was against the deal from the onset.

“It is now coming out in the fold that FKF have some hidden agenda in the contract that they don’t want the clubs to know. The clubs are the major shareholders and should be given priority to read and understand the contract signed between FKF and Azam TV,” Nyamweya said.

“I want to reiterate my stand that something fishy is cooking in regard to the Azam/FKF broadcast deal and urge the 18 clubs to stand their ground and make sure they get a copy of the deal, and read it through before accepting to support the course,” he said.

Nairobi News understands that FKF told the 18 clubs that they would each receive Sh3.5 million a year from the Sh145 million annual deal. This translates to Sh63 million a year, leaving about Sh70 million in the hands of the federation for “logistical purposes.”

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Following the signing of the deal, Tanzania-based Pay TV channel, Azam, announced it would broadcast four Kenyan league matches each weekend.

Mr Nyamweya further claimed that FKF also hid the details of the contract with BetKing who became the league’s title sponsor, despite clubs requesting information on the 7-year deal.

“It is the same case with the contract FKF signed with Harambee Stars coach Engin Firat. They have refused to share details of the contract even with the government and this has seen the Turkish coach go for at least nine months without salary… Is there something they are hiding from the public? It is a shame that Firat’s cry for salary is a problem created by FKF because they don’t want to put his contract in the public domain,” Nyamweya said.

Nyamweya, who recently announced his candidature in FKF elections slated for February 2024, expressed confidence that he will re-elected to the office he was “abruptly, maliciously and recklessly” removed from. He said his first order of business will be involving all stakeholders in FKF’s plans.

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