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Samidoh expresses interest in vying for an MP seat in Nyandarua

Mugiithi artiste Samuel Muchoki, popular as Samidoh, has stirred up speculation about his future political ambitions.

During a live session on Instagram with his baby mama, Senator Karen Nyamu, and prominent city tycoon Kelvin Shaban.

The singer expressed his desire to enter the political arena, hinting at the possibility of running for an MP seat in Ol Joro Orok, Nyandarua county.

During the Instagram live session, Samidoh was in awe of the massive number of fans who joined the live stream, a total of 2611 viewers.

Playfully contemplating the potential support he could receive, the artiste said: “If they all decide to give me votes, I will definitely become an MP in Ol Joro Orok.”

He will have to battle for the seat from Honorable Michael Muchira.

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Karen Nyamu, seemingly amused by Samidoh’s aspirations, humorously questioned whether that was all he needed to pursue a political career.

During the live session, Samidoh also addressed the ongoing issue of critics constantly insulting him.

He responded with a bold stance, questioning the motives of those who choose to dedicate their time to spreading negativity.

“There is a person here who has just been oozing insults in this live saying ‘waste of time’. Why are you not sleeping? The 10 minutes you are using to insult me, get a rope and kill yourself instead of trolling me,” he remarked, not shying away from confronting the negativity.

Karen Nyamu, who has also faced her fair share of online trolling, echoed Samidoh’s sentiments and emphasized her resilience in the face of criticism.

“You know some of these people think I can get offended by trolls? We are used to that,” she asserted.

Samidoh recent involvement in the charitable exercises in Nyandarua county through Guitar ya Samidoh initiative has left some of his fans convinced that he is getting ready to join politics.

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