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Samidoh’s savage clap back at blogger Gaitho’s criticism over his music

Samuel Muchoki, widely known as Samidoh, has fired back at relentless social media attacks from blogger Francis Gaitho.

The latest barrage from Gaitho comes in response to Samidoh’s announcement of the launch of his foundation on November 29, where he proudly unveiled a list of over 20 corporate sponsors for the event.

Gaitho, however, took to his platform to question the legitimacy of Samidoh’s sponsorship deals, criticizing the artist for what he perceives as a lack of talent, choreography, vocals, and stage presence.

“How does a talentless guy with no choreography, vocals or stage-presence rack up so many sponsors? The gate-keeping in Kenya is crazy. I’m a Kikuyu and I don’t know one single song of his. Boycott these corporates for promoting mediocrity,” Gaitho wrote on his X platform.

This is not the first time Gaitho has targeted Samidoh on social media.

In March, he provided an explainer on why he believes Samidoh is not the best Mugiithi singer, asserting that the artist is primarily known for relationship drama rather than his musical prowess.

“Samidoh has no known talent, not for composing, not for what. In fact, if you speak to the majority of Kikuyus, and I mean by 99.99%, none of them can name a single song of his, a single album, can show you a copy of his album. This fame was imposed on the community and people don’t know where it came from and who is profiting from it,” Gaitho stated earlier this year.

Responding to the latest criticism, Samidoh took to social media with a brief comeback.

When asked to comment on Gaitho’s tweet, he wrote, “That overfeeding is harmful to one’s reasoning.”

Samidoh’s Foundation launch garnered more attention with the presence of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, who represented President William Ruto.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua made a significant contribution of sh 2 million towards the foundation promising to give support to the foundation even more.

Samidoh’s foundation launch took place at Parklands Sports Club on November 30.