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Morroco’s King VI handed Royal welcome in Abu Dhabi

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has held talks with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed byn Zayed Al-Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the Presidential palace in Abu Dhabi.

The Moroccan entourage was handed a Royal welcome, with the procession escorted by a squadron of
horsemen, a tradition reserved for welcoming distinguished guests of the United Arab Emirates.

From the “Zayed” gate to the “Al Hisn” gate, HM King Mohammed VI’s motorcade reviewed Emirati
folk troupes performing songs and dances to welcome the Sovereign.

On this occasion, the “Al Fursan” national aerobatic team took to the skies above the Palace, tracing
ribbons of smoke in the red and green colors of the Moroccan flag, as a 21-gun salute sounded to
welcome His Majesty the King.

On arrival at the “Al Hisn” gate, His Majesty the King was greeted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed
bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, President of the State of the United Arab Emirates.

The two Heads of State then greeted the national colors to the sound of the two national anthems, before reviewing a detachment of Emirati land, naval and air forces that made the honors.

Economic and trade relations between Morocco and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have experienced significant development over the years, strengthening fruitful and strong ties that serve the progress and the prosperity of the two brotherly countries.

Fueled by a common vision of economic development and strategic cooperation, Morocco-UAE relations have promoted a fruitful partnership, dynamic exchanges and mutually beneficial investments.

Regarding bilateral trade, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates have reached record levels, with constant growth in both imports and exports.

The Kingdom exports to the United Arab Emirates a diverse range of products, such as agricultural products, textiles and phosphates. In return, Morocco imports several Emirati products, including petroleum and chemical products and electronic equipment.

This momentum is the fruit of the efforts made by the two countries to remove tariff barriers to boost their bilateral trade.

In terms of investments, the United Arab Emirates have shown interest in investment opportunities in Morocco, particularly in real estate, finance and infrastructure sectors. An interest which continues to materialize with increasing Emirati foreign direct investments (FDI) in Morocco.

For their part, Moroccan companies have also found favorable ground in the United Arab Emirates to invest and expand their activities in the Gulf region, to benefit from the attractiveness of the market and the dynamic business environment.