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This sex thread will make your day

A Nairobian’s Twitter thread of messages narrating hours of torture under his girlfriend’s bed has lit up the internet.

The thread had a blow by blow account of how the young man passed by the house of his girlfriend’s parents for sex and the two slept for hours only for the girl’s mother to come home from work.

The man was forced to hide under the bed and in his thread he narrates how the mother made 4 o’clock tea and supper while he was still under the bed.

He spices up his narration by describing how the girl slipped a plate of food under the bed for him to eat with his stomach pressed down on the cold floor.

The man had to sleep on the bed for a few hours after the girl’s mother went to sleep but woke up in the wee hours.

The encounter was widely shared as other users sympathized with the “boy child.”

Here is the viral thread: