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Shix Kapienga recounts harrowing experience of road accident

Media personality Nancy Wanjiku Karanja, also known as Shix Kapienga, recently shared her experience of being hit by a car while crossing the road during her lunch break.

In a podcast interview with Mwafrica, Shix revealed that she was hit by a Nissan car while hurrying back to the studio after buying some parts.

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The accident left her in shock and with lasting memories, she would never forget.

Recalling the incident, Shix said that the car suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hit her.

“I crossed to buy some parts and this car suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hit me,” Shix said.

She remembered being on the ground and feeling the car pass over her leg, leaving her in a state of shock, something she had never experienced before.

The driver of the car was equally stunned when he saw her condition.

Despite feeling sorry for the driver, Shix was also in pain from the accident.

“When the old driver got off, even I felt sorry for him. He was not well, he was also lame in one leg. I felt bad but you also know at the same time I am in pain that he hit me,” she said.

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Media personality Shix Kapienga. PHOTO| COURTESY

Shix recently celebrated her 35th birthday and has become a beloved figure in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The radio queen has been missing in action since she quit Hot 96 FM in 2020.

She’s since concentrated on acting, featuring in different films, including Uradi and Baba Twins.

Baba Twins is a comedy-drama that revolves around Wamz, a young carefree airline hostess who is thrust into motherhood and has to raise multiples while navigating nanny drama and Tony, her socialite baby daddy who is not ready to be a dad.

“Uradi” is a film based on a true story that highlights the plight of Kenyan youth who are easily lured into crime, drugs and radicalization.

Uradi revolves around Komu a young man (played by Bilal Mwaura) who leaves his rural home for admission into a University in Nairobi.

The actress currently hosts Jamdown a reggae show that airs each Saturday on NTV.

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