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Simba Arati vows not to forgive corrupt county employees

Kisii Governor Simba Arati has put corrupt officials in his county on notice.

The youthful governor warned that there is no more place for officials who misuse public money.

He made the address while receiving the Kisii County audit report on March 9, 2023, and stressed that corrupt officials will not be pardoned because ‘mercy only belongs to God’.

The county boss further warned that there is no room for corrupt employees in his government.

“Mambo ya msamaha ni ya Mungu peke take (issues of forgiveness can only be handed by God).… The rule of law must take its cause,” insisted the governor.

Nairobi News understands the audit report reveals massive looting of public funds and resources through the issuance of tenders.

The first-time governor wondered why payments for projects such as learning institutions, health facilities, and payments for road construction were approved before completion.

“People have died because there are no drugs in hospitals, while public funds and resources have been misused by greedy county officials. The rule of law will take its cause, and those held capable will carry their own burden. I will not forgive them,” vowed the county boss.

“It is painful for people to die because of a lack of medicines in health facilities and poor infrastructures. For those who have stolen money, but if they will return (the stolen money), we will forgive them.”

Arati has adopted a no-nonsense approach since he was sworn into office.

A few days into office, he paraded all county government drivers in public in a bid to fish out ghost workers.

Each driver was instructed to stand next to the car he has been operating.

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