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Singer Boutross Munene shares Covid-19 setbacks

Kenyan hip-hop artist Boutross Munene has opened up on the challenges he’s faced while trying to earn a living from his talents during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Luku hitmaker says he’s had to think outside the box to make ends meet, and especially after the government banned social gatherings, initially closed all entertainment spots, and then allowed them to operate only until 8pm.

“Businesswise, yes, I was affected because there were many opportunities lost,” he told Nairobi News.

“Things slowed down but I looked around and thought I could do more and expect more. Covid-19 has had its pros and cons when it hit, but it’s life. I won’t complain but I will take advantage of the opportunities that come.”

Most artists have been entertaining their fans virtually and Boutross thinks that’s the way to go.

“I have taken advantage of what I could because I couldn’t just sit around and wait for someone to come and save me. It’s why I am where I am right now.”

He was speaking at an event where Hennessy, considered the world’s finest cognac, launched its second edition of Hennessy Cypher in Nairobi.

Other artists who graced and performed at the event include Monski, Rekles, Elisha Elai, and Xtatic who showcased great musical talent over good food, booze, and vibes, offering fans an exhilarating experience of a lifetime.

The Hennessy Cypher highlights Kenyan hip hop artists under the African-inspired ‘Never Stop Never Settle’ campaign which incentivizes upcoming and growing African hip hop artists to show their musical talents and build their personal brands.

In so doing, Hennessy has provided this platform where they can confidently do so, helping them gain recognition in their art.

This initiative has had personal out-turn on each of the artists who performed, tapping into their passions and love for what they do.

This has encouraged confidence in the hip hop talents giving hope to those that are upcoming. “Shout out to Hennessy for coming up with something like this because it is a step forward for upcoming artists, and hip-hop artists who haven’t yet gained recognition in their art,” said Boutross.

Award-winning rapper Sarah Mukethe alias Monski said the partnership between Hennesy and the artists will uplift the hip-hop music scene in Kenya.

“This is a big corporate that has taken initiative to showcase hip hop music and I believe it’s about time we made a statement that we’re here to stay. This is a great opportunity. Expect something new,” said Monski.

Giving a sneak peek into her plans in her music career, the artist said she has been working on an EP which she hopes to release by the beginning of next year.