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Size 8’s details struggle to get Caroline Mutoko’s attention for radio airplay

In the current music landscape, Size 8 is making waves with her latest collaboration with Mash Mwana, but behind the limelight lies a tale of determination and hustle during her early days in the music scene.

In a candid interview with Oga Obinna, Size 8 reflected on her challenging beginnings as a secular musician striving to break into the industry. The now-successful artist shared an inspiring message for aspiring musicians facing difficulties getting airplay and recognition.

Recalling her past, Size 8 revealed the lengths she went to catch the attention of influential figures like Caroline Mutoko and Jalang’o.

At the time, Caroline Mutoko was the Morning Show host on Kiss 100.

“It was very difficult for me to distribute because I was broke. I only had 2 CDs. I would beg DJs to copy the songs and hand back the CD. That’s why I encourage wasee. I would enter all the clubs in tao, all of them, there isn’t a club I didn’t enter,” she said.

Undeterred by financial constraints, Size 8 pursued various avenues to get her music played. She shared her relentless efforts, saying, “I used to send her emails daily. Every day I used to send her an email of my song.” She also went to great lengths to track down Jalang’o, waiting at the Kenya National Theatre until she finally met him.

Describing the struggles of reaching out to different radio presenters, Size 8 admitted, “Unaenda haumpati. That is how I used to deal with different Radio Presenters.”

Her perseverance eventually paid off when she learned that Caroline Mutoko had played her song.

Recounting the moment, Size 8 revealed her excitement, “So one day I heard that Caroline had played my song. She was talking to Jalang’o asking who Size 8 was.”

The turning point in Size 8’s journey came when Mutoko inquired about her. Impressed by Size 8’s determination, Jalang’o shared the singer’s relentless attempts to meet her.

Expressing her gratitude, Size 8 recounted, “Yaani Caro alinipenda nikasema ‘Hallelujah,’ (Can you believe it? Caro appreciated my work, and I was like, ‘Hallelujah!'”) By the way, Caroline Mutoko. God bless you, big up to you, and God bless you for every artist you have held.”