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Socialite Shakila: Kenyan men are stingy and poor in bed unlike Nigerians

Socialite Shakila has provided insight into her dating preferences, asserting her inclination towards Nigerian men over their Kenyan counterparts.

The controversial personality, known for her unabashed commentary on relationships, made these remarks during the launch event of Medigah London Hair.

Speaking to journalists gathered at the event, Shakila did not mince words as she expressed her reasons for favouring Nigerian men in her romantic pursuits.

Citing financial generosity and performance in bed as key factors, she didn’t hold back in her comparisons.

“I like Nigerian men. I prefer Nigerians more than Kenyans. There are a lot of things I don’t date Kenyan men for. They are stingy. They look alike and they don’t look good. They are stingy, they can’t give you money, he would rather pay but not give you money,” Shakila ranted, “They also don’t last in bed, I am talking about minutes. Kenyan men, most of them have women already and you can’t walk freely with them. You have to hide them.”

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Shakila, who is no stranger to the spotlight for her candid revelations, shared her personal experiences, highlighting that she has never been in a formal relationship with a Kenyan man.

“I have never dated a Kenyan man, I have only been in situationships where most are married. I have never been in a monogamous relationship with a Kenyan.”

She revealed her relationship stance, citing her focus on personal growth and her perception of relationships as “stuffy.”

“I am just 20 years old to date my own man. I am just testing other people’s relationships. I want to focus on my growth even if it means being in other people’s relationships so that they can pay my bills. Relationships are stuffy for me. I am a street girl and I do not want to date someone who will feel bad about that.”

Unapologetically asserting her status as a self-proclaimed “queen of gold-diggers,” Shakila openly admitted her penchant for financial support.

“I consider myself a queen of gold-digger. I will always ask for money, I am broke.”

The socialite addressed her perceived net worth, stating, “I do not know my net worth but the internet says I am 2 million but I am more than that.”

When questioned about her preferences for a potential partner, Shakila was candid yet again, revealing her pursuit of wealthy individuals.

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