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Somali bae a.k.a Alinur did not reward heartbroken Kevin Mboya

Guys, do you all remember content creator Kevin Mboya who made headlines after he traveled for hours to surprise his girlfriend, only for him to return heartbroken?

He has emerged again with news that Alinur Mohamed never fulfilled his promise of rewarding him a total of Ksh700,000 after his journey to Kwale.

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In January 2023, Mboya embarked on a journey to surprise his girlfriend in Kwale for her birthday, but things did not turn out well.

He was heartbroken and returned home, heartbroken, and his pain was broadcast all over the interwebs.

Nairobi businessman Alinur Mohamed. PHOTOS | COURTESY

His story touched many Kenyans, and some people promised to help him through the heartbreak.

Upcoming politician and businessman Alinur Mohamed promised to reward Mboya with sh700k and pay him a trip to Dubai so that he could ‘relax’.

Months later, Mboya alleges that he has not received the money.

He says he is under pressure from his family, who thinks he is rich.

“I predicted things will not go well for that kid Kevin Mboya and after watching his video on his social accounts, I have confirmed my fears. Anyway yaliyopita si ndwele. I am looking for him. I am going to pay for his one week vacation in Dubai and give him KSH. 700k for his use,” Alinur promised on January 29.

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Kevin Mboya.

Mboya says his family members keep asking him for money while his friends have invited him to Harambees.

“It is now one month, two weeks and two days since Hon. Alinur made this promise. He’s yet to honour it. Everywhere I go people think I have money since they believe I have KSH. 700K. Everyday I am being invited to Harambees. My friends and relatives call me daily wanting a share!” Mboya penned on his Twitter account.

In the comment section, netizens have told him to look for other avenues to make money and forget about the past.

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