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Sometimes I just want to be loved, Pritty Vishy speaks about being rejected

Kenyan socialite Pritty Vishy has had her fair share of online trolls and cyberbullying which she has addressed several times with her social media accounts.

In a confessional post on her Instagram page, the socialite has candidly revealed just how much she wishes to be loved as she has been rejected quite a number of times in her dating experience. 

The young influencer recently penned a tear-jacking message to her fans, which left a section of them feeling sorry for her. 

Pritty Vishy, who is also a TikToker, strongly urged her fans to be nice to people as rejection can be a very bitter pill to swallow. 

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Vishy exclaimed how she’s been cyberbullied, and rejected by society because of her identity and weight. She added that she hopes that one day she will be accepted and loved, even if it is just by a few individuals.

“Being nice doesn’t cost anything. Going through abuse from people should hold you. Being cyberbullied, rejected and all shit is not easy. Sometimes I just want to be loved even by just a few, but who will? They expect too much from you not knowing how you’re doing. I wish I would have the good body that they all love because of having a chubby everywhere you go people insult you,” Pritty Vishy said in the post.

The internet sensation wrote a final cryptic message that most of her fans took rather seriously as she hinted at doing self-harm. Vishy stated that one day, she might just give up and do the worst.

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She later stressed to her online family that if it so happens, then they should be informed that the cyberbullying got to her.

“When I give up you’ll just know that the cyberbullying got over me and the worst thing is not having someone to hold, give you hope and strength, not even just those tight hugs that can,” she wrote.

Vishy came into the limelight while dating her singer ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy, and even more so when they had a publicly displayed dramatic breakup.   

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