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Sonko, Igathe get cozy and what Nairobians think – VIDEO

Former Nairobi Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe on Friday visited his former boss Mike Sonko.

Nairobians online made all sorts of comments on Sonko’s wall when he shared photos and videos of the two cozying up again.

The two old buddies laughed and exchanged their youthful pleasantries that included ‘gotta’ greetings.

Igathe had gone to Sonko’s residence to visit the ailing governor but online, Nairobians had all sorts of assumptions.

Ken Ynek commented, “Igathe amerudi kuomba kazi? Tell him to apply for the available County jobs online. At the moment Nairobi county needs young and energetic firefighters, give him a job man.”

Gitonga Nick wrote, “TAFADHALI TAFADHALI Igathe rudi kazi please please please… we have hope with you… Sonko Igathe…. wanjiku anataka maji, dawa, road, security, huduma poa…think twice.”

Mungai Jr stated, “I like the way men easily solve their differences no keeping grudges like women.”


Mary Njeri added, “Politics has no permanent enemities.”

James Mwangi wondered, “Whatever made you resign is still mythical… we had hopes with you but you chickened out. How will you convince wanjiku to trust you again?”

Fren Hann wrote, “I refuse to believe that this two had issues uongo… tunacheswa hapa… kuna kitu fiche ambayo ni Mungu, Sonko na Igathe wanajua.”

Sarafina Mwangi added, “Politicians will always be friends… they just differ ideologically… divide and rule is their game to common mwananchi.”

Tom Wafula wrote, “Sonko is ever friendly even when you cross his line, wrong advisors to Igathe must have brought their difference but am happy that they’ve forged away forward. Work it out guys.”

Wanzala Opili commented, “Hehehe… Igathe you betrayed our governor. See now how he is so friendly and forgives. He is accommodative. He hurries the past and moves on.”

Jonteh Wa J-Kustomz had an interesting analogy, “Ex akikuja kukutembelea jua anataka mrudiane. Amegonja uanguke lakini bado una slay ??? Igathe rudi job ama ujikalishe.”